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The Four Belles in Chinese history (Diaochan)

Diao chan

Diaochan was from Bingzhou of shanxi (know was Yizhou today).a rivate singing girl of wang yun, the minister of Education in late Eastern Han Dynasty,who was adopted as his daughter later.She was extremely beautiful and incomparably bright.

 The allusion of "outshining th moon" run as: when Diaochan was worshipping the moon in the garden, a breeze blew a floating cloud,shielding the bright moon. The scene was seen by wang yun, then he
always boasted his daughter’s beauty by saying :my daughter even outshone the moon,which would hide behind the cloud when seeing my daughter. Therefore , Diaochan was described as "outshining the moon."

Paper Sculpture Lantern

Paper sculpture,also known as paper basso-relievo may trace back to the Han Dynasty of Chinese history forits origin. The antiquated paper sculpture arts have essentially been genstated in the soil of folk arts, developing  slowly though never been interruped; postures not so greatly varied though , never lack of creativity.of all the paper sculpture products, the deeply folk paper sculpture lantern have patterns of chinese palaxce lanterns.

The exquisite 4 pair of paper sculpture lanterns elaborately designed and produced by our compny are Fu Shou Shang Quan,Si Ji Ping An,Long Feng Cheng Xiangand Lian Lian You YU. These elegant  orinaments full of chinese sense . They may be the first choice of your decorating for festival day , weddings and culture exchanging place and also could be the best choice of beautifying the environment of your hall.



1: The paper workmanship is ,please be careful during assembing.

2: Please ensure dampproof and try to avoid direct sunshine.

3:Please do cleaning after taking themapart.

Chinese folk handicraft

Chinese folk handicraft has it’s history more than 5,000 years, as long as Chinese history.

It is the crystal of Chinese wisdom. Chinese people created brilliant handicrafts when they

conquered the nature in more than thousands years. Though having many differences in

different regions, they have the same characteristics of being created and accepted by the

public and  handed down forever.

Chinese folk handicraft including:


knot-craft                          wood-craft                          cloth-craft


          paper-cut                                                       Shadow Puppets


     Embroidery-craft                                                 shell-carving


                 painting                                                            calligraphy


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